Has lockdown made you think about change?

For all its challenges, this period has given many of us an opportunity to reflect on different aspects of our lives, including our work – something that’s not always easy to do amidst our hectic schedules.

Changes in our working patterns have meant that we’ve got used to working remotely, virtual meetings and liaising with colleagues, customers and clients in very different ways.

While some people cannot wait for things to return to ‘normal’, others are emerging from this period determined to make changes in their working life. But change can be difficult to achieve alone. This is where career coaching can help.

What happens in career coaching?

Well of course all career coaches have their own methods, but here’s mine.

Before the coaching starts, I would ask you to complete a series of reflective exercises ready for discussion in the session to help determine your values, skills and motivations.

Looking inwards

  • What are your likes and dislikes?

– Is your current organisation a good fit for you or would you prefer to work for a different/larger/smaller organisation? Are you tired of working under the constraints of an organisation? Or would you actually prefer to be self employed ?

– Is the organisational culture right for you or do you feel that a different sector would be a better fit?

– Or you may feel that it’s now important to be contributing to society in some way, rather than just adding to a company’s profits.

  • What are you good at?

-Are you using the skills and knowledge that you want to use, or are you finding that you are frustrated that you don’t get the chance to use the skills that you really enjoy?

– What were you doing when you felt like you really shone?

-Have you become really good at your job but no longer feel there’s any challenge in it for you?

  •  What interests and motivates you?

-Have you, for instance, developed an interest in particular skills such as training and mentoring others, that you would like to form the basis of a new career?

-Or have you come to the conclusion that a steady income, job security and a good package of benefits is what is really important to you now?


Looking outwards – what could I do? 

  • Generating new career possibilities

 When we have a really clear idea of all the elements that would make a good career for you, we work together to identify the kinds of role  that would be a good fit.

  • Focussing on the best options

I would then encourage you to research these options, not only using internet searches and looking at live vacancies, but also using your networks to talk to people who know about these roles, or may actually be doing these jobs.  You could also consider doing some work experience or voluntary work connected to your new career, or a short course to enable you to come to a decision.

  • Making a decision and moving forward

Once you have decided on the right option for you, we would work on a plan for moving forward which might include finding the right course, preparing your CV and LinkedIn profile and working on a job searching plan.


‘’So why bother with a career coach?‘’  do I hear you ask?’Isn’t this something I can easily work out for myself? ’’




Well of course it’s possible. But what I hear clients frequently say, is that the coaching enabled them to come to many realisations about their career that they wouldn’t have reached on their own. The process of expressing what’s on your mind, and having someone help you clarify your thoughts with the right questions, will enable you to come to a conclusion about the best way forward for you. It will also give you the motivation and confidence to act on it.

Many people would say that this is not a good time to be changing careers, and that we should just be holding on to what we have in these uncertain times. But I would maintain that it’s an ideal time to be doing the ground work and building the foundations for change, and making a solid plan, ready for when the job market improves.

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