Succeeding at Interview

Do any of these apply to you?
‘‘I get so nervous in interviews that I freeze. I forget all the answers I’ve prepared and feel scared to be myself.’’
‘‘I’m often the runner up candidate – how can I become the top choice?’’
‘‘There’s some questions that I never know how to answer, such ‘ What are your strengths and weaknesses’ and ‘Tell me about yourself’.’’
‘‘It’s been so long since my last interview. I’ve heard of ‘competency based’ and ‘strengths based’ interview questions but I’m not sure what they are and how to answer them.’’
‘‘I’d like to move up to the next level of my career but am unsure how to sell myself as being ready.’’

How I can help…

Confidence and preparation are critical to performing at your best at your job interview. I’ll make sure you have both, giving you key tips about body language and managing nerves that will make you stand out from other candidates.

Working together, we’ll use mock interviews to ensure you are fully prepared for even the trickiest questions. When you feel confident and professional, you’re free to let your talents and personality shine through – and get the job you want.

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